Launching Your New Video

Here are 10 steps to launch the new video: 

  1. Add the new video as your LinkedIn cover story. Just click on your profile picture and select “view or edit cover story”. (This feature may not yet be available on all accounts.)
  2. Create your own YouTube channel and upload your new video. See this guide for more information on how to title it using keywords to help with search engine visibility
  3. Put your new YouTube link in your LinkedIn about section and/or create a featured post or link.
  4. Add your YouTube link in your email signature
  5. Put your YouTube link in your Instagram profile
  6. Upload your video to your Facebook page (click on the videos tab)
  7. Embed your YouTube video on your website (click share on the the video to get the code)
  8. Add your link to your Twitter profile
  9. Add your video to your Google Business profile
  10. Post it on all of your social media accounts one at a time, over the next couple of weeks, reminding people of what you do for a living and asking them to please share your video with anyone who they think could use your help!

The most exciting part about having this new profile video is sending it ahead before every meeting, so you never have to show up or get on the phone with someone “cold” again!

First, get clear in your mind why you are doing this. Your intention is to better serve the person you are meeting with, right? By giving them a 30 second snapshot of “who you are”, you make them feel more comfortable and set the stage for a efficient and productive meeting.

You can email, text, or direct message your video to the person right when the meeting is booked, saying something like, “Hi Jeff, here’s a quick 30 second video of me, to help break the ice a bit before our meeting. Looking forward to talking with you soon!” You can also remind them to watch the video a couple days later, maybe when you confirm the meeting. It's important to know why you are doing it, why it's important to push them a bit to make sure they watch it - it's all to better serve them.

Let’s say you have a store, and people walk in without an appointment, here's how you can do it. Greet them and have them sit down while you excuse yourself for just a moment - while you hand them a tablet cued up to your video. You might say, “I just need to run and grab my notebook, here’s a quick video to get to know me a little before we get started.”

Even if you're answering incoming phone calls that are completely unplanned, you can say something like, “Hi, thanks for calling. I just need to quickly finish on another line, can I put you on hold for 30 seconds? And while you wait, you can go to my website at and check out my introduction video, which help us jump right in."

This may seem a little unconventional, but it’s worth it. Most of the people you talk to will appreciate it, as long as you make it about them. There’s a lot of anxiety when people meet for the first time, especially in a sales situation. If you always let your video make the first impression, they'll always experience the best version of you even when you're tired, sad, stressed, or distracted.