What's Included

• Pre-Production Session - about a 15 minute Zoom call to help you get set up right in your home or office. We’ll talk about lighting and help you to look and sound as good as possible.
• Filming Session - a friendly conversation over Zoom where we ask questions to get you talking, then we keep only the best moments.
• Professional Video Editing and color correction. Within a week you’ll receive your final 30 second video, and we’ll walk you through how to put it on LinkedIn, YouTube, your website, your email signature - and strategies to use your video to warm up every meeting and every call.
• Email Tips - well-timed email tips to help you every step of the way
• Growth Strategies - ways to use your new video to grow your business
• Ongoing Content and video best practices

We give you the file and help you deploy your new video to all social media platforms, your website, email signature, and show you how to send it ahead of every meeting via email, text or DM!

Let's Get Started!

It’s easy! Just complete your purchase, answer a few short questions, then (Step 1) is to book your pre-production call. We walk you through the entire process, one baby step at a time.

Whether you’ve made videos before or you hate the idea of being on camera, our process is painless and effective. The time is now - let’s do this!

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