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When You Connect-First™

We'll give you a short custom-made video that let's you take control of those critical moments when a person is first deciding whether they like you or not.

This is a powerful tool to make that important personal connection right when it matters the most - when they first "meet you" on LinkedIn or through an email or message.

When you Connect-First™ with a profile video from Amptek Productions, you always start from a place of authentic human connection, paving the way for more productive and profitable conversations!

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Introducing Amptek Profile Videos

For salespeople and professionals interested in growing their network, a profile video builds rapport and makes a great first impression.

This can dramatically improve the outcome of any meeting.

For managers and team leaders, this gives your people new outreach strategies - the video as a send-ahead.

Just adding personalized video to your sales process alone instantly makes your people more effective.

THIS is how you gain an advantage in an increasingly impersonal world. When no one answers their phones you have to lean hard into authenticity and video, and we've perfected the method for marrying the two.

Our process captures WHO YOU ARE in a way that words alone can't communicate. We take any personality type and bring out their best in an unscripted, natural and effective way.

We give you a 30 sec video specially designed for the new LinkedIn cover video feature that let's you place a video inside the circle along with your headshot. Plus, you get a YouTube link that can easily be sent in an email, message, or posted on social media - and embedded in your email signature and website.

Never show up "cold" again. Always send your profile video first!

Our 3 Step Filming Process

Pre-Production Session

How to get set up for filming

We'll help you with things like lighting and background so you look great

We'll talk about the game plan for the filming session

We'll walk you through each step, with helpful tips along the way

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Filming Session

Meet with an experienced journalist via Zoom, and film it with your phone

Get together with a trained conversationalist

Think of it like a virtual "coffee chat" -you're getting together with a friend

There are no scripts and no elevator pitch to deliver!

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Video Editing & Final File Delivery

We pull out the best moment and professionally produce your video

Your conversation partner from the filming session sends their notes to the editing department

A specialized editor puts together the best moments and processes the colors to create a high quality production

We help you deploy your new video everywhere!

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We help you take the best video selfie possible ...
you record it but we interview you and edit!

Get Your Amptek Profile Video - $550

Get your own custom-made profile video with our easy 3-step process. There's no script to write - you just show up and we interview you from the comfort of your home or office. Then we edit, keeping only the best moments, and in as early as a week you'll have an amazing video that makes a connection BEFORE your next meeting or phone call!

See more examples and what's included

What Our Customers Are Saying...

But don't just take our word,  see real client reviews and testimonials on how we are getting results in all different types of B2B industries.

"Right now MY STUDIO IS COMPLETELY FULL!!! LOL!!! Thanks, in part, to your help. Now I'm trying to fit people in every crack and crevice that I have in my schedule. I'm having so much fun! I am even considering hiring a junior teacher.

A marketing professor, who is one of my students and has been advising me LOVES my video! He is so impressed with how natural I come across. He said, "There's no way you could script that! It's amazing! It captures you and your personality in such a powerful way."

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Frequently asked questions
Can a cover story be used on the free LinkedIn account?

Yes. It works for any type of LinkedIn account. From the LinkedIn app, you just click on the little circle where your profile picture goes, and select “add cover story”. You can either record your own video right from the phone or upload the one we produce for you.

What kind of file do I get?

We give you an mp4 file which you would upload directly to LinkedIn (add cover story) and possibly to Facebook or other sites. You definitely want to upload it to YouTube and use that link when sending your video in emails, messages, and embedding on a website.

How long does it take?

The first step is to schedule an approx. 15 minute pre-production Zoom call to get set-up, then schedule your 15 minute filming session. Once that's done, we get it edited and delivered to you within a week. It's partly dependent upon your schedule, but theoretically it can be done from start to finish in about 2 weeks.

Can’t I just write something and make my own video?

You certainly can! But most of our clients find that, although they can script out the “right” words, when it comes to the actual recording, it doesn’t come off all that well. That’s because unless you’re a really good actor, most people have a hard time "delivering lines" naturally. This style of profile video is all about being genuine and authentic, it's not an elevator pitch. It’s about who you are, and that comes across in the non-verbal as much as the words you say. The best way to get there is to be comfortable and in the moment - which is our entire goal during a filming session. So, even if you’re good at talking to the camera, we encourage you to try our process.

Why unscripted?

Because it requires you to be a little vulnerable, which allows your humanity to reach through the camera and touch the person on the other side! Also, read the previous question if you haven't already!

What is Connect-First™?

It’s just a little saying we like to use to remember that the person we are about to email, call, or meet with is a fellow human, and to make a connection before getting down to business. How is that different than just building rapport? It depends. Rapport building has typically been taught as “a move” to gain trust and break the ice with a prospect. Doing things like looking around an office and saying, “Hey, I see you’re a Steelers fan!” It can help but it doesn't go very deep. When we Connect-First™ with this style of video, we're able to share a little piece of ourselves. It’s a snapshot from a longer conversation, from a moment when we're in flow with another person. It's real, and even if they aren't aware of it, it's having an impact on how they FEEL about you. That's hard to do live on the spot in someone’s office, during the very first 30 seconds of your meeting! That's why we’ve developed a process to create it ahead of time (and send it ahead of time too!)

How does the filming work?

We interview via a Zoom video call at your home or office (or wherever you want). We record that call and we ask you to record using your phone as well. This gives us better quality video and it’s always good to have options when editing - and a backup recording! We help you get set-up and give custom suggestions based on your situation during our pre-production call.

Can I film it outside?

The two major obstacles with filming outside are the sun and sounds. If you have a quiet place that’s covered from the sun, it might work well. We strongly recommend having a lapel mic that plugs into your phone. Just keep in mind things like neighbors mowing lawns and cars driving by. A little noise isn’t necessarily going to ruin the video, but these are all factors to consider. You'll still need both a computer (to talk to us) and a phone (to record), and a stable internet connection. Either book an exploratory call now to discuss or we can talk about filming locations during our pre-production call after you make your purchase.

Does it matter what kind of phone or computer I have?

Almost any phone made within the last 10 years is capable of recording HD video and should work fine. And any computer will work, as long as it has a webcam and a decent internet connection to support a Zoom video call. So, you need a computer to talk to us via Zoom and a phone to record yourself. (But it could be two phones, or a tablet and a phone, or a computer and another type of camera.) If you’re still feeling unsure, just book an exploratory call and we’ll be happy to help!

Can I use my own camera, like a gopro or DSLR?

Yes you can, although unless you have extensive experience filming yourself using one of these devices, we recommend sticking with a smartphone. The advantage of using a phone is you can see yourself easily during the filming, and still get full HD resolution (in nearly all phones), and not have to worry about focus and exposure. Unless you know you can get better results with another type of camera, you can’t beat a smartphone.

What about the background?

It's best to find a neat room or office to do this in, although a physical backdrop can work - just don't be right on top of it - have space between you and background. Look closely to make sure there is nothing visible in the background that you do not want shared publicly! But we can't use Zoom virtual backgrounds or any kind of green screen setup. We can help you find a solution and potentially stage a small area in your home or office that looks good with just the right camera angle.

What to wear?

Dress how you would normally dress when seeing clients or networking. Don't wear a suit if that's not what you normally wear. Be yourself, but be your best self! You might avoid patterns and stripes. Sometimes that can cause issues with the camera (the moiré effect).

What if I don’t like the video you make me?

We know it goes along with the territory - that many of us do not like to see ourselves in video or in photographs. You may find yourself reading this because you know you need a video, but maybe you're not terribly excited about it. In this case, it’s important to trust the process. We are going to help you look and sound your best, and … well, we are a team! That means, it’s not just one person making your video, but a whole production team who will collectively work on your video and decide what is share-worthy and worthy of putting our name on. Just keep in mind that we are offering a very specific process and style here. If you like the style of the example videos on our website, then we are confident that you will be happy! But if you're unsure, you may want to explore other video producers and find a portfolio that resonates. I recommend either way setting up an exploratory call with us, so we can learn more about your situation and see if we can help.

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