Why Do I Need a LinkedIn Profile Video?

September 5, 2021

They say that 90% of statistics are made up on the spot, but when it comes to the power of video, I think we can all agree that the following numbers are 100% plausible!

-84% of people say that they made up their mind to buy after watching a brand’s video

-86% of businesses are now using video as part of their marketing

-87% of marketers say video has increased website traffic / 83% say it generated leads

-Videos perform 12 times better than text or photos

If you are in the type of business where you're selling yourself first - insurance, consulting, coaching, and mostly any type of service - then it absolutely makes sense to put yourself out there in a video. Especially in the current environment where we’ve been forced to meet virtually more than ever, it’s critical to take control of that first impression.

For this task, not all videos are created equal. Animated videos and scripted live video can be good at conveying features and benefits (what you do), but they aren't often successful at showing who you are. Even if you say all the "right words", if people can tell that you are reading a teleprompter or trying to recite something from memory, their defenses are up. They don't ever develop a connection with you, the person - and that’s a missed opportunity.

At Amptek Productions, we've decided to take more of a documentary approach. We interview you and look for genuine moments that are impossible to script. Then we produce them into a short profile video that conveys a feeling. When someone watches it, they feel a connection with you, the human on the other end. With a profile video like this, you'll have a powerful tool to pre-frame every meeting, whether it’s in person or over Zoom.

We Call It a "LinkedIn" Profile Video, But It's So Much More

The first place to put your new video is on LinkedIn of course, taking advantage of their new cover story feature. You can upload a 30 second video to the same spot where your current profile picture is, and whenever someone hovers over it, the video plays. 

But, there are so many other ways to use a video like this to help your business …

  1. Create your own YouTube channel and title your video with keywords for your business (in case you didn't know, YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world just behind Google - who also owns it)
  2. Put a link to your video in your LinkedIn about section and/or create a featured post
  3. Add your YouTube link to your email signature
  4. Put your YouTube link in your Instagram profile
  5. Upload your video to your Facebook page (click on the videos tab)
  6. Embed your YouTube video on your website (click share on the video to get the code)
  7. Add your YouTube link to your Twitter profile
  8. Add your video to your Google Business profile
  9. Post it on all of your social media accounts one at a time, over the next couple of weeks, reminding people of what you do for a living and asking them to please share your video with anyone who they think could use your help!

And finally, get into the mindset where you want everyone to see your video before you ever meet or get on the phone together! It serves them by letting them get to know you a little first, making them more comfortable. Every time you book a meeting, send the video. When a meeting isn’t planned, get creative! Find a way to take 30 seconds and watch your video before you get down to business. It’s worth taking this extra time to make sure you start every meeting with your best self. Even if the rest of the conversation takes a challenging turn, people will always remember the way they felt during that initial 30 seconds. It’s impossible to exaggerate the power of this one simple idea.

You can learn more about our process and how to get started at AmptekProductions.com

Mike Liebensohn is the co-founder of Amptek Productions. For nearly twenty years, he’s been obsessed with sales, marketing, video production and human connection. Currently living in Nashville, TN, he’s in a band with his wife Heather and is constantly trying to get his 3 kids to meditate.