Get Your Amptek Profile Video!

Our process is simple. You record yourself from your home or office using your phone. We help you get set-up and looking good, then we interview you and edit it all down to just the best parts. There are no scripts to prepare - you just show up!

What's Included

• Pre-Production Session - We meet over Zoom to help you get set up for recording right in your home or office. We’ll talk about lighting and give suggestions to help you look and sound as good as possible.
• Filming Session - We interview you over Zoom while you also take a "video selfie" with your phone. It’s a friendly conversation where we ask strategic questions to get you talking about your business, your passions, and your why.
• Professional Video Editing - We meticulously comb through all of your interview footage to pull out the best 30 seconds. Then we optimize the lighting, color, and audio - and send you a professionally produced final video within a week.
• Ongoing Email Tips - We’ll walk you through how to put your new video on LinkedIn, YouTube, your website, your email signature, and more - and share road-tested strategies to use your video to book more appointments and close for deals.

Let's Get Started!

It’s easy! Just complete your purchase, answer a few short questions, then you'll book a time for your pre-production call. We walk you through the entire process, one baby step at a time.

Whether you’ve made videos before or you're nervous and you hate the idea of being on camera, our process is unique, painless and effective.

The time is now - let’s do this!